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FLUXX® Tube Tips & Nozzles

FLUXX® nozzles and tube tips are made of PE-HD and are highly resistant to acids, bases, water, alcohols, oil and gasoline. Thanks to the non-polar and hydrophobic surface, our tube tips are particularly suitable for use with plastic adhesive, joint fillers and sealing compounds.

FLUXX® tube tips are supplied with metric thread sizes of:

  • M15 x 1,5
  • M20 x 1,5

and are compatible with the most common cartridges and tubes.

All raw materials and additives used for the production process are non-hazardous to the health, physiologically unobjectionable and in line with the EC directive 2002/72 as well as the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB).


Description Illustration Item Number Pack Quantity Dimensions
Tube Tips

M 15 x 1,5

721101 (PE-HD)
721102 (PP)
1 Euro pallet
= 140.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 42 mm
thread M15 x 1,5

with Ø 45 mm plate

724101 (PE-HD) 1 Euro pallet
= 25.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 90 mm
thread M15 x 1,5

with guiding spike, Ø 45 mm plate

725101 (PE-HD) 1 Euro pallet
= 30.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 54 mm
thread M15 x 1,5

with thread
without thread

722101 (PE-HD)
722111 (PE-HD)
1 Euro pallet
= 15.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 131,5 mm
thread 20 x 1,5
Description Category Size Type
FLUXX Product catalog Product information 4.49 MB pdf

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