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FLUXX® Degassing Inserts

SABEU develops and produces membranes used in our vents and vented closures. They offer crucial advantages for the packaging of gas emitting materials.

FLUXX® packaging vents are equipped with PTFE membranes, which allow for continuous pressure equalization, while preventing pressure build-up and suppression of containers. The patented FLUXX® drip-off edge allows fluids to drain immediately after coming into contact with the membrane, keeping the membrane unobstructed and permeable to air.


  • allow the continuous pressure release
  • prevent the swelling, bursting or collapsing of containers
  • allow the quick re-ventilation after contact with fluids
  • provide a reliable protection against leaks
  • are easy to install
  • are suitable for a high number of applications

Intended for the packaging of:

  • Industrial chemicals
  • Bleaching agents
  • Peroxides
  • Fertilizers
  • Pool chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Sterilizers
  • Disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Foods (comply with EC and FDA regulations)

Based on their configuration and structural design, the FLUXX® packaging vents meet all the requirements for the approval with suitable containers set forth in the UN test specifications, ADR, and the BAM [German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing] dangerous goods regulation, BAM-GGR 005.

Degassing Inserts for closures

F15 F17 F38
Product F15 F17 F38
Diameter 15 mm 17 mm 38 mm
h1 7,5 mm 15,0 mm 22,0 mm
h2 6,0 mm 6,0 mm 12,0 +/- 0,2 mm
d 13,0 +/- 0,1 mm 13,0 +/- 0,1 mm 13,0 +/- 0,1 mm
Water entry pressure 0,69 bar 0,69 bar 0,69 bar
Typical airflow 5,0 l/h at 12 mbar 5,0 l/h at 12 mbar 70 l/h at 12 mbar
Typical applications 2-60 liters 2-60 liters 60-1.500 liters
Description Category Size Type
FLUXX Degassing Inserts Product information 913.41 kB pdf
FLUXX Degassing Inserts F38 LOCK SN Product information 853.87 kB pdf
FLUXX Degassing Inserts Instructions for Use Product information 732.54 kB pdf
FLUXX Product catalog Product information 4.49 MB pdf

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